Brozzu Organic Farm Castelsardo (SS), Sardinia

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The bio-organic BROZZU farm was founded in 1981 buy Giuseppe Brozzu, with the aim to produce high quality, organic wine and olive oil.

First introduced to agriculture by his father and later his uncle, Giuseppe decided to continue with the family agricultural tradition by introducing different types of olive trees in order to identify which would better respond to the local climate and landscape.

The "Bosana" variety was eventually chosen ( Brozzu now grows over 7000 olive trees, distributed over 30 hectares of land, predicted to produce 30 to 35.000 kg of olive oil per year ) for its superb olive oil, characterized by a strong, distinctive aroma and by a high concentration of poliphenols, which naturally ensure the product's longevity and preservation.

Brozzu does not make use of pesticides or chemicals in fertilizers, instead opting for the technique of "sovescio", whereby natural ingredients from legumes and other plants are used to fertilize the ground.
Equal eco-friendly measures are practiced in the olive groves, where the "olive fly" (bactrocera oleae), is kept under control with Eco Traps and natural products.

The company is certified organic UNI EN ISO 22005:2008
and the product is listed in the Slow Food guide to the best extra virgin olive oils.

Located in Castelsardo, in Sardinia, and distancing only 20 kilometers from the sea, Brozzu is set in an ideal position, benefitting from the local climate of salt and sea breezes in an area enriched by a well preserved culture of local peasant agricultural wisdom - making the marriage between the old and the new a possibility by transporting traditions into modern sustainable thinking.


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